Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Orange Peel Social Aid & Pleasure Club 01/09/09

OK, so this is the biggest music club in town and I've managed to live here for over six months without visiting yet. Why? A multitude of reasons: as I've gotten older, being out late inhaling smoke doesn't appeal to me as it once did and Asheville gets both kinds of music (bluegrass & jam bands). Well on this particular occasion, there wasn't a jam band nor was there bluegrass. What there was was a Gun's N' Roses tribute band, so I decided to go - after being coerced by friends from work. The show was great, but I'm not doing music reviews here, ok?

The Orange Peel is a big room, much like some of my other favorite music halls (The Music Farm in Charleston, SC comes to mind). It has high ceilings and ample ventilation, so if this hadn't been a no-smoking show, I think I still could've breathed. But, alas, there was no smoke! There is a huge bar on one side of the room. They have a great selection of beers ranging from PBR for you cheap types to a local micro brew, Wee-Heavy-Er from the French Broad Brewery. I went with the local and got very messed up, but I had a lovely time. My only complaint is that there wasn't a coat check. It was 19 outside but plenty warm inside.

Hopefully some more rock acts will come through and I can check out this venue again!

**** four asterisks

The Orange Peel Social Aid & Pleasure Club
101 Biltmore Ave - (828) 225-5851

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