Monday, January 12, 2009

Mo Daddy's 01/09/09

I went into this establishment 2 times over the course of the evening. Once was right before a concert 2 doors down at The Orange Peel. I stopped in to grab a quick bite before the show. The atmosphere is a weird mix of art gallery and road house. There is a stage in the front corner where they sometimes have Blues or Rockabilly bands. The back is dark. There was no band when I arrived, but the stereo was up loud enough to make up for that.

I ordered a "Big Boss" burger and fries. I guess I should have gotten the "Chicken & Waffles" instead, as that is their signature dish. I asked for my burger medium well and got it well done when it arrived. The fries are the shoestring variety that are always too done for my tastes. Overall, I was not impressed with this course.

I came back in after the concert let out because I needed to sober up. I ordered another order of those shoestring potatoes which weren't cooked beyond recognition this time. They were, however, served with a "red wine gravy" that was both hoity-toity for a blues bar and nasty. There was a blues combo playing that were fairly entertaining. I'll give the place that. My friends I was with decided to dare me into drinking a shot of bourbon, which I did. As I recall it wasn't that unreasonably priced.

I could be dragged in the place again, but overall am not terribly impressed with the food. I think it works better as a bar, maybe?

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Mo Daddy's
77 Biltmore Ave - (828) 258-1550

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